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Net Zero Carbon

Reaching net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions requires extensive strategic changes for organisations. Our team of consultants can work with you to build a roadmap to net zero and provide expert support along the journey. With our certification and verification body, Natural Carbon Solutions, we can also provide robust and credible accreditation at key milestones so that your commitment is well measured and communicated.


If you are just getting started on your journey to net zero, the first step is to measure your carbon emissions. We initially work with you to gather all the information needed to understand your carbon footprint and assess the scope of your organisation’s sustainability goals. This involves a comprehensive data collection exercise with meetings and screening calculations where we can identify your most significant carbon emissions as well as areas which offer opportunities for reduction.

We conduct onsite visits as part of our primary data collection alongside any secondary data gathering needed to ensure we are thorough in our approach and deliver best practice. This will be done for Scopes 1, 2 and 3 so that you can rest assured your results are extensive and include all parts of the organisation’s value chain. Once armed with accurate data, we provide a detailed report that clearly outlines your environmental impact. This not only includes certification that you are ‘Carbon Measured’ but also provides a road-map to how you can take the next steps to becoming net zero carbon.


Once your carbon footprint has been established, we work through your road map with you so you can immediately start your carbon reduction initiatives. Our expert advisory team will walk you through decarbonisation recommendations that are unique to your organisation’s strengths, challenges and ambitions. The key reduction targets we set are in line with the highest international standards (PAS2060, ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol) so you can be confident the impact you are making is credible and robust.

In addition to the report that details your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, we will conduct scenario analysis to assess the impact of future business decisions such as changing procurement, energy systems or management processes to help you plan proactively for the future. With this level of clarity, Eight Associates can also work with you to devise effective communication strategies so that your sustainability journey is fully amplified and backed by key stakeholders.


Our certification and validation body, Natural Carbon Solutions is designed to capture the carbon sequestration of natural processes and habitats that are ignored by the other offsetting standards. With our responsible biodiversity portfolio, which includes a comprehensive range of long and short-term initiatives we go beyond carbon to consider other Environmental Performance Indicators such as air quality, water use, human and eco toxicity and land. Our approach is to invest in legitimate schemes that meet rigorous UK and international standards so that your offsetting is fully accountable for years to come. We are involved in every detail of all our initiatives to ensure control and oversight, along with regular reporting to give you confidence in your investment.

In addition to procuring credible offsetting schemes, we can also enable you to develop your own in-house methodology so that your organisation can register projects that meet environmental standards, which in turn can increase the value and control of your offsetting methods. Where there is a significant amount of GHG emissions to offset, you can use a combination of both options to build long-term solutions that future-proofs your environmental mission.


Certification is a critical part of your decarbonisation journey. Committing to the different stages necessary to eventually reach a ‘Climate Positive’ outcome requires different milestones that need to be recognised and celebrated. Through certification you can report credibly on your progress, as well as take the remedial measures suggested to continually improve your carbon status. That’s why we offer these certificates to plot your successful route to carbon neutrality and beyond:

  • Carbon Committed – A commitment to carbon measurements
  • Carbon Measured – Carbon footprint established
  • Carbon Reduced – Continual reduction in carbon footprint
  • Carbon Neutral – Achievement of carbon neutrality with offsetting solutions (for items within your control)
  • Net-Zero Carbon – Achievement of Net Zero with offsetting solutions (for all supply chain)
  • Climate Positive – Achievement of positive impact with offsetting solutions meaning more than your impacts have been offset and you’re now giving back to the environment





Client Quotes
"We have worked with Eight Associates for many years and always found them fast and responsive and with a practical approach to sustainable design."
Max Horwell
Partner at E+M Tecnica
"Eight Associates has rapidly become the 'go to' consultancy for all our ecology and arboricultural requirements. Each member of this friendly team has impressed us with their expertise, pragmatism and efficiency. The professional, 'fuss free' services mean we can turn projects around very quickly for our clients, which is critical for our business."
Andrew Brooks
Development Manager at Lumiere Property
"We have utilised the services of Eight Associates several times now and found them to be professional, approachable and friendly. They understand the requirements and demands of BREEAM assessments and have helped us early on at design stage to ensure that our construction projects achieve the required rating. A key part of compiling the evidence is a prompt and efficient review which they deliver consistently. I look forward to working with Eight Associates again in the future."
Mark Lockitt
M&E Services Manager at Buckingham Group Contracting
"Eight Associates approaches sustainability in a holistic way and consider a range of sustainability factors and their interdependencies. They offer multiple services under one roof, which is like gold for clients, saving time, providing clear communication, and preventing the usual back and forth and mixed messages"
Ignacio Escobar
"Our experience of working alongside Eight Associates on a variety of projects is of a professional and progressive company. Clients benefit from an efficient multidisciplinary approach, that provides a very effective service to developers, architects, institutions and property owners in relation to their environmental, ecological, planning and sustainability matters."
Jason Mills
Writtle Forest Consultancy Ltd.
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