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Ecology & Arboricultural Consulting

Biodiversity Management Plans

Eight Associates can develop long-term ecological management plans tailored to on-site habitats, our advice on ecological enhancements is pragmatic and designed to maintain a longstanding commitment to biodiversity.

Biodiversity Metric Calculations

Information coming soon. If you require any information then please contact a member of the Eight team.

BREEAM/CSH Ecology Reports

Eight Associates ecologists are also BREEAM experts and carry out reports to satisfy BREEAM criteria for LE 02 – LE 05, with a site visit from a Suitably Qualified Ecologist. Our services also cover BREEAM 2018 Route 1 and Route 2 options.

Construction Ecology Services

Watching Brief – Eight Associates provides pragmatic and helpful ecologist presence at site to oversee work that has the potential to impact on protected species and their habitats.

Toolbox talks – Site-specific information for construction workers regarding protecting wildlife on site.

Construction Environmental Management Plans – Eight Associates produces a tailored document outlining how contractors will ensure adverse environmental effects of development activities are mitigated.

Ecological Constraints and Opportunities (ECOP)

Eight Associates’ experienced ecologists provide an annotated plan for an existing site that identifies the areas with protected species potential and ecological enhancement. It is often required as part of the planning process or pre-planning early assessments, and can be conducted throughout the year.

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

Our Suitably Qualified Ecologists deliver an ecology report with results of a site’s Preliminary Ecological Assessment (PEA), protected species surveys and details of a site’s ecological mitigation and enhancement strategy. Specifying an EcIA is often the most time and cost effective way to meet planning application requirements.

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

Eight Associates’ fully qualified ecologists carry out this survey at the earliest possible RIBA Stage and provide information on the habitats plant species assemblages that are present on a site. The survey can be conducted all year round, at pre-planning or during the planning process.

Green Infrastructure Design

Eight Associates provides expert advice on suitable systems, design and planting of green roofs and walls to optimise biodiversity gain.

Landscape Urban Design

Eight Associates offers a full range of Landscape Urban Design services, including Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Masterplanning, Landscape Visual Impact Assessments (LVIAs)

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)

A PEA includes a desktop study, Phase 1 habitat survey and protected species assessment to provide baseline data for the site to inform further surveys and likely ecological enhancements. PEAs can be conducted throughout the year.

Protected Species Assessment

Eight Associates ecologists are experienced in completing protected species surveys. A site survey identifies the likely presence of relevant protected species and further surveys that may be required. Protected species assessments are carried out by one of Eight Associates’ Suitably Qualified Ecologists. The time frames vary depending on the species’ hibernation and activity patterns, so these surveys are important from a project management perspective. Please consult our ecology calendar or call us to discuss your project.

Protected Species Surveys


Tree/building inspections – we carry out inspections of trees and buildings to evaluate bat roosting features, and determines bat roosting potential. Please note that tree/building assessments can be carried out throughout the year.

Detector surveys – dawn and dusk bat surveys and call analysis can be undertaken to determine the presence of roosting bats within buildings and trees. Bat activity surveys should be conducted from May to September and hibernation surveys are carried out between December and February.


Breeding bird surveys – Our ecologists undertake assessments of suitable habitats and complete bird survey transects to determine how breeding bird populations utilise a site. Breeding bird surveys can be conducted from late March to June.

Pre-clearance nesting bird check – we undertake site visits to determine the presence/absence of nesting birds prior to vegetation clearance or works starting on a site, typically occurring between March and August.


A badger habitat suitability assessment with sett activity monitoring can be completed, including bait marking territory surveys. The optimal time of the year to conduct these surveys is February – April and September – November.

Great crested newts

Our team carries out great crested newt surveys between mid-March and mid-June. Our team uses a range of survey techniques such as eDNA analysis, netting, bottle trapping, egg searches and torching to determine the presence/absence of great crested newts. Habitat Suitability Index of ponds can be carried out year round.


We offer surveys to determine the presence/absence of reptiles and the populations present which are carried out May to June and September.


Our team provides dormouse habitat suitability assessments, followed by nut searches and nest tube surveys to establish the presence or absence of dormice populations.


Pre-Acquisition Tree Surveys – we provide preliminary visual inspections of trees and feedback on tree constraints on the potential development site.

BS 5837:2012 Tree Surveys and Tree Constraints Plans – we carry out Tree Surveys detailing species name, dimensions of the trees, structural condition and the BS 5837:2012 categorisation. We also provide Tree Constraints Plans which map the trees and their Root Protection Areas.

Arboricultural Implication Assessments (AIAs) – we undertake these assessments to consider how a proposed development and its associated trees will co-exist and interact, addressing issues such as statutory constraints, the construction of the proposed development, alternatives to tree loss and infrastructure requirements.

Arboricultural Method Statements and Tree Protection Plans – we complete reports outlining a schedule of tree work operations and a sequence of build events in relation to the trees, proposing appropriate mitigation.

Arboricultural Clerk of Works and Management Plans – we provide on-site advice and support to provide compliance with method statements and management plans throughout the construction process.

Client Quotes
"Eight Associates is a lovely company to deal with and I recommend with enthusiasm anyone who would consider them. They are diligent and professional, usually actioning before their deadlines – great team players."
Steve Reynolds
Director, Thornton Reynolds Engineering Consultancy
"We have utilised the services of Eight Associates several times now and found them to be professional, approachable and friendly. They understand the requirements and demands of BREEAM assessments and have helped us early on at design stage to ensure that our construction projects achieve the required rating. A key part of compiling the evidence is a prompt and efficient review which they deliver consistently. I look forward to working with Eight Associates again in the future."
Mark Lockitt
M&E Services Manager at Buckingham Group Contracting
"Eight Associates has rapidly become the 'go to' consultancy for all our ecology and arboricultural requirements. Each member of this friendly team has impressed us with their expertise, pragmatism and efficiency. The professional, 'fuss free' services mean we can turn projects around very quickly for our clients, which is critical for our business."
Andrew Brooks
Development Manager at Lumiere Property
"The Green Register really values eight associates' commitment to the promotion of sustainable building in all areas of their work."
Lucy Pedler
Director, The Green Register of Construction Professionals
"Our experience of working alongside Eight Associates on a variety of projects is of a professional and progressive company. Clients benefit from an efficient multidisciplinary approach, that provides a very effective service to developers, architects, institutions and property owners in relation to their environmental, ecological, planning and sustainability matters."
Jason Mills
Writtle Forest Consultancy Ltd.
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