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Don’t forget, the clocks go back on 30 October. Have you considered the impact of less daylight on your design?


The clocks go back an hour on Sunday 30 October, a clear signal that the nights are drawing in.  In London the longest day is around 16.5 hours (summer) and the shortest is around 8 hours (winter). This image is a 3D illustration showing the sun path during the year for a development in London. The top blue line is the sun path for the 21st of July, the lowest line is the sun path for 21st of December.   Moreover, the sun has a very low altitude during winter, making it more likely that the sunlight will be obstructed by the neighbouring buildings. Daylight (diffused from the sky, not direct from the sun) is the most important factor in this situation.

Are you maximising the daylighting on your projects?

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