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Announcing our Spring 2017 breakfast seminar series. Book your place.



Book your place at one of our free to attend breakfast seminars. Below is the Spring 2017 programme. We’re adding more topics in the year, from ‘Achieving air tightness targets’ to ‘Planners’ tips for evaluating energy strategies’, so let us know if there is a particular area you’d like to see covered.

The seminars take place at our office (and we provide a light breakfast): Ground Floor, 57A Great Suffolk Street, London SE1 0BB (here’s a map or call us for directions: 020 7043 0418).

Wednesday 15th February, 8.20 am to 9.45 am: 

How to improve daylighting conditions on projects 

Explore the theory and principles of measuring daylight, influencers on the average daylight factor and uniformity ratio and design considerations to improve daylighting conditions and light distribution.

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Thursday 16th March, 8.20 am to 9.45 am:

Biodiversity design: Spotting signs of protected species

Consider how to maximise biodiversity on site (and gain BREEAM Ecology credits) plus learn how to de-risk your project and avoid delays or loss of footprint associated with protected species (including bats, birds and trees).

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Wednesday 12th April, 8.20 am to 9.45 am: 

Sustainable design: How to achieve thermal comfort 

How best to achieve thermal comfort? Discover how thermal bridging analysis can add to the overall available floor area of a scheme and prevent the need for last-minute addition of further thermal insulation or improved air tightness.

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Just email to reserve your place. Can’t make it? Let us know if a CPD would be of interest instead, or read our web posts: