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Sustainability Strategy

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Sustainability Statements

Local authorities often require Sustainability Statements to be submitted as part of the planning application. Eight Associates works with clients to develop these strategies by looking at how the development holistically meets or exceeds all local sustainability planning policy.

Air Quality Assessment (basic and detailed)

To support planning applications Eight Associates examines the impact of both the construction and operational phases on the air quality of a particular development. The impacts are compared against UK air quality objectives and/or significance criteria defined within relevant air quality guidance. Depending on the scale of these impacts the air quality assessment may also discuss the mitigation measures that will need to be adopted. For developments in London, an Air Quality Neutral statement is provided as part of the assessment. Where there is the potential for a development to have a significant impact for local air quality, or new sensitive receptors are being introduced into an area with particularly poor air quality, a detailed assessment of impacts will be undertaken, which uses dispersion modelling to determine the impact for specific pollutants at key locations on or around the development site.

Indoor Air Quality Plans

An Indoor Air Quality Plan is a vital document to manage the contaminants within new and existing buildings. Eight Associates produces Indoor Air Quality Plans which contain advice on the levels of contaminants that are acceptable, measures for specifying materials with low emission levels, detailed procedures for flushing out buildings and advice on pre-completion testing to ensure acceptable levels have been met.

Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprinting

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a methodology for assessing the environmental impacts of a building or material from its origin through to disposal; its entire lifecycle. The environmental impacts from the consumption of resources and emissions of substances into the environment are quantified at each point in the lifecycle, which provides a holistic summary that can be used to inform decision making and provide an accurate comparison of options, crucially on a like for like basis.

LCA is now a fundamental part of the BREEAM process and is both a cost-effective and environmentally beneficial way to achieve the required credits for Excellent and Outstanding BREEAM ratings.

Flood Risk Assessment for planning (FRA Level 1 and 2)

Whether for a residential or commercial site, planners, architects, and property developers need to understand the potential risk of flooding when designing and developing a new site. Eight Associates can assess sites to determine the risk and recommend mitigation measures to manage these risks for all stakeholders involved.

SuDS Strategies for planning

Eight Associates develops Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS) Strategies to reduce the likelihood and impact of surface water flooding from new developments. This comprises encouraging the use of design measures to mimic ‘natural’ drainage by adopting techniques to deal with surface water runoff locally, through collection, storage and cleaning before allowing it to be slowly released back into the environment.

PassivHaus and EnerPHit design consultancy

PassivHaus and EnerPHit are design standards for very low energy buildings, which are characterised by an exceptionally thermally efficient building envelope and very high levels of occupant comfort. The process of delivering a PassivHaus requires careful attention to architectural detailing, the complete incorporation of passive design principles and high quality workmanship. Successful implementation will result in a building that consumes substantially less energy than other buildings built to minimum building regulations.

Energy Audits and Management

Energy management of existing and newly occupied buildings is essential to closing the performance gap whereby buildings use multiple times more energy in operation than predicted during design. This requires a thorough audit of the building’s systems and operational strategy, subsequently, an action plan can be implemented that reduces energy consumption whilst maintaining occupant satisfaction.

ISO 20400

ISO 20400 outlines the sustainability impacts and considerations that should be incorporated across the different aspects of procurement within an organisation.  The standard can be used by any kind and size of organisation and is not officially certified. We use the guidance within the standard to develop and implement a responsible sourcing strategy and to provide a framework for integrating the general principles of sustainable procurement into an organisation. Successful implementation provides substantial value throughout an organisation’s supply chain and offers an opportunity to stand out against competitors.

ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 energy management standard is a proven framework for any organisation that consumes energy and fuels and wants to drive energy efficiency. Adoption of the ISO 50001 standard helps organisations enhance their energy performance via the implementation of an energy management system (EnMS) based on a model of continual improvement. Eight Associates has achieved significant energy and operational cost savings by applying this standard alongside an ongoing energy management programme led by our energy consultants.

Environmental Policy Development

Eight Associates works with clients from all sectors to ensure long term environmental, social and economic sustainability objectives can be embedded into operations through robust policy, plans or project strategies. A clear understanding of our client’s aspirations is paramount to adopting feasible goals and we aim to assist with ease of integration into current practices.

Organisational Sustainability Strategy

Establishing sustainability objectives in large organisations requires detailed planning and careful implementation. Eight Associates works with key stakeholders within an organisation to establish their priorities and provides the technical knowledge of the environment to establish the trade-offs and likely outcomes of implementing the objectives. Typically, bespoke appraisal criteria and toolkits will be produced by Eight Associates to allow the organisation to make decisions and prioritise their resources most effectively for the optimum sustainable outcome.

Post Occupancy Evaluation

Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is the process of obtaining feedback on a building’s performance in use. Eight Associates’ clients are increasingly recognising the value of POE as a tool to improve poor building performance to reduce impacts on running costs, occupant well-being and business efficiency. In some instances a POE can be conducted in one day, and involves analysis of energy consumption patterns and interviews with building occupants.

Travel Plans

Travel plans are long-term management strategies for an organisation or site that seeks to deliver sustainable transport objectives. Eight Associates develops robust travel plans to help our clients facilitate sustainable transportation in their projects with clear and easy routes to implementation, and with regular reviews to ensure plans evolve with changing infrastructure.

Client Quotes
"Eight Associates has rapidly become the 'go to' consultancy for all our ecology and arboricultural requirements. Each member of this friendly team has impressed us with their expertise, pragmatism and efficiency. The professional, 'fuss free' services mean we can turn projects around very quickly for our clients, which is critical for our business."
Andrew Brooks
Development Manager at Lumiere Property
"We have worked with Eight Associates for many years and always found them fast and responsive and with a practical approach to sustainable design."
Max Horwell
Partner at E+M Tecnica
"Our experience of working alongside Eight Associates on a variety of projects is of a professional and progressive company. Clients benefit from an efficient multidisciplinary approach, that provides a very effective service to developers, architects, institutions and property owners in relation to their environmental, ecological, planning and sustainability matters."
Jason Mills
Writtle Forest Consultancy Ltd.
"The Green Register really values eight associates' commitment to the promotion of sustainable building in all areas of their work."
Lucy Pedler
Director, The Green Register of Construction Professionals
"Eight Associates approaches sustainability in a holistic way and consider a range of sustainability factors and their interdependencies. They offer multiple services under one roof, which is like gold for clients, saving time, providing clear communication, and preventing the usual back and forth and mixed messages"
Ignacio Escobar
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