Life Cycle Assessment & Carbon Offsetting

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool to evaluate the environmental impacts of a product or material from across its entire lifecycle. LCAs account for the entire life cycle: from resource extraction and manufacturing, through to use phases and end-of-life scenarios.

Our team are able to undertake bespoke LCAs to help understand your carbon footprint and visualise your environmental impact better. This enables us to partner with you to identify opportunities for improvement and inform your ongoing strategies to tackling your biggest sustainability challenges.

Environmental Product
Declarations (EPD)

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are standardised documents which provide data on the environmental impact of a product. The LCA method is used to produce EPDs for all manner of items. Producing EPDs is voluntary, but is an invaluable way to provide transparency and promote awareness of the environmental impacts associated with a product’s consumption and use.

The demand for products with EPDs is growing and EPDs are increasingly becoming a way to provide product differentiation for the consumer which will enhance the likelihood of selection or specification as public sector bodies and some private companies set minimum environmental standards for the products in their supply chains. EPDs are third party verified by the relevant body within a given geographical region.

Our team’s role is to gather all of the relevant product data, undertake the LCA, report in the standardised format and liaise with the relevant body to get the EPD published.

Carbon Offsetting

With our offsets we do things differently. Our experts have been working with conservation and biodiversity enhancement schemes around the UK and abroad for many years. Our approach is to identify and evaluate nature-based offsetting projects that are as local to your geographical region or ecosystem as possible.

Our priority is to create a scheme which is credible, visible and quantifiable in a way that meets the highest standards.

For more information visit Natural Carbon Solutions, a certification and validation body of Eight Associates.

Built Environment

Integrate sustainability into your projects from the start and avoid careless reliance on landfill, high carbon footprints and low sustainability materials.

Ensure your business is complying with environmental regulations and get proof of how you are currently performing.

Understand the perspective of various stakeholders about the function of your building, its efficiency and what needs improving.

Protect notable species of flora and fauna with Protected Species Surveys and Licensing, Bat Surveys, Tree Surveys, Arboricultural Method Statements and more.

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