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We can assess species and habitats on-site and develop long-term ecological enhancement and management plans tailored to your site

Ecology, Tree and Protected Species Surveys for Planning

Our experts are passionate about building healthy ecosystems that benefit you and the environment. We offer a range of surveys that analyse specific trees on-site and can also provide assessments and feedback on tree constraints for any potential development sites.

When it comes to protected species, our qualified ecologists are experienced in delivering site surveys that identify the the risk of relevant protected species and can advise when further surveys are needed. Time frames can vary depending on the species’ activity patterns, and protected species surveys are often an important and required part of any building project.

Surveys include:

  • Protected Species Surveys such as Breeding Birds, Bats, Water Voles, White Clawed Crayfish, Badgers, Great Crested Newts, Reptiles, Dormice
  • Pre-Acquisition Tree and Biodiversity Surveys
  • BS 5837:2012 Tree Surveys, EIA, HRA  and Tree Constraints Plans
  • Arboricultural Implication Assessments (AIAs)
  • Arboricultural Method Statements and Tree Protection Plans
  • Ecological Impact Assessment (ECIA)
  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)
  • Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

Ecology for BREEAM

Our ecologists are also BREEAM experts who can carry out on-site assessments and reports to satisfy BREEAM criteria. This means we can identify opportunities to increase ecological value and maximise the number of credits needed at the design and build stage, as well as recommend enhancements to your ecosystems for your entire building site.

Biodiversity Metrics: Biodiversity Net Gain and Urban Greening Factor

We undertake biodiversity metric calculations and work together with project teams to maximise the benefits for biodiversity over the long-term contributing to meeting planning requirements.

Mitigation and Management Plans

Ecological mitigation is key at the construction phase of a project. We provide several ecological surveys and plans at the preliminary phase to help prepare for your ecological impact and enhancement opportunities. You can benefit from having our ecologists on-site to oversee practical work and to educate the wider construction team on protecting wildlife.

Surveys include:

  • Ecological Constraints and Opportunities (ECOP)
  • Ecological Clerk of Works (ECOW)
  • Management Plans (LEMP and CEMP)
  • Biodiversity Management Plans
  • Construction Educational Workshops

Biodiversity Offsetting

It’s important to incorporate measurable conservation outcomes into any project life-cycle to compensate for any development impact. We aim to achieve No Net Loss; instead we want an outcome that results in a net gain of biodiversity. 

Built Environment

Integrate sustainability into your projects from the start and avoid careless reliance on landfill, high carbon footprints and low sustainability materials.

Ensure your business is complying with environmental regulations and certify how you are currently performing.

Understand the perspective of various stakeholders about the function of your building, its efficiency and what needs improving.

Find out your carbon footprint and offset them with solutions made for you.

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