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New policies for European Protected species (EPS) licensing – a ‘win-win’ for EPS and developers


New policies for European protected species (EPS) licensing were adopted by Natural England in December 2016. Designed to maximise the benefits to both EPS – such as dormice, bats and great crested newts – and developers, the policies cover excluding and relocating EPS, including creating new habitats and aim to reduce costs, delays and uncertainty for developers.

The proposed policies sought to achieve better outcomes for EPS and reduced unnecessary costs, delays and uncertainty that can be inherent in the current system. The four new policies proposed greater flexibility:

  • in exclusion and relocation activities, where there is investment in habitat provision
  • in the location of compensatory habitat
  • on exclusion measures where this will allow EPS to use temporary habitat
  • and a reduced survey effort in circumstances where the impacts of development can be confidently predicted.

Read the government announcement.