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Eight Associates tools – free to download and use



Sustainability decisions are best taken as early as possible in a project. To help ensure you are aware of and equipped to make some of these decisions we have developed a range of tools in some of the areas in which we work. Please feel free to download any of the Eight Associates tools below, and forward to any colleagues or contacts whom may find them useful. If you have any questions, our consultants are happy to informally discuss your project.


♦ Eight Associates Early Design Stage Daylight Predictor Tool – This tool is designed to enable the user to estimate the average daylight factor (ADF), the sky view area and the maximum room depth according to the BRE guidelines at the very early design stage.

Eight Associates Daylight Predictor Tool


♦ Eight Associates U-value Calculator – Generate u-values by using our handy tool, allowing for more decision-making to take place in meetings and accelerate the design process.

Eight Associates U-value Calculator


♦ Eight Associates Ecology Survey Calendar – Our experienced licensed ecologists have put together guidance on when to carry out surveys for protected species. Download a copy for your reference and never miss an ecology survey window!

Eight Associates Ecology Survey Calendar



♦ Eight Associates Tree Root Protection Area Calculator – Our free tool allows you to carry out a simple tree survey and calculate the Root Protection Areas to include on site drawings and inform the design.

Eight Associates Tree Root Protection Area Calculator


CPDs: We offer a wide range of CPDs, from thermal bridging and daylighting, to biodiversity design and a full ‘ecology 101’. If your team could benefit from some rapid-fire professional development, please contact us on or on 020 7043 0418 to arrange a session.