How Can Buildings Reach Net Zero

The built environment plays an important role in tackling climate change. This industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector of the economy, contributing nearly 40% of annual CO2 emissions globally. That’s a significant figure, and one that needs urgent attention if we’re to keep global temperatures down to avoid the […]

Is the WELL Building Standard worth the investment?

Sustainability, energy efficiency and wellbeing indicate the quality of a building. Is now the time to consider the return on investment of implementing the Well Building Standard? Wellbeing, as much as energy efficiency and carbon reduction, is becoming a key criteria against which a building’s quality is judged. We spend over 90% of our lives […]

An insight into the significance of thermal bridging analysis

It’s still relatively uncommon for building designers to commission thermal bridging analysis, despite significant benefits where this is undertaken early in a project. Attractively for developers, thermal bridging analysis can lead to a reduction in external wall insulation thickness, adding to the overall available floor area of a scheme. In addition, confirmation of reduced thermal […]