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How can living roofs reduce initial project and ongoing costs?


The most commonly associated benefit of living roofs is biodiversity. Yet living roofs save money –both in upfront and ongoing costs.

A living roof is the easiest way to contribute to maximum BREEAM credits for land use and ecology, and it can be the only way of demonstrating an increase in ecological value post development if there is no soft landscaping on the ground. Living roofs provide comprehensive rainwater runoff management, improve energy efficiency by reducing  temperature fluctuations, and reduce heat loss and energy consumption by adding mass.  The installation cost of a living roof can be half that of  alternatives to achieve the same sustainability rating.   The list of benefits goes on…

If you are interested to know more, read Rosie Lodge’s article on page 48 – 49 of July’s  ‘Architect, Builder, Contractor & Developer’ magazine (ABC+D), or get in touch with Rosie or one of the team.